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POINT OF ROCKS RANCH, Birthplace of the Miniature Herefords. The concept of the Miniature Herefords was conceived in 1970 by Roy Largent III as a high school project. The purpose was to create a small beef animal that would be ideal for the small property owner to raise and slaughter their own beef without the need for heavy cattle handling equipment. In addition, a smaller beef animal allows an owner to utilize smaller freezers and thereby bypassing the use of expensive butchering facilities which use large freezers to accommodate the modern 12-1400 lb. beeves.  

Today with steers that finish out on grass at 700 lbs, our goal is to continue to establish the Miniature Hereford Breed and supply the many markets that have opened up to this ever expanding area of miniature cattle.

 Why Raise Miniature Herefords?

  1. Small efficient beef for “backyard beef” and “locker beef” for the cottage industry.
  2. Good pets to keep on small acreages.
  3. Use to qualify property for agriculture use status.
  4. Use in investment groups and tax shelters.
  5. Great for 4H or FFA projects.
  6. Good potential to develop a gourmet meat market.


131 N Largent Ranch Rd
Fort Davis, Texas 79734

Office: 432-426-3591

Roy Largent: 432-249-0106

Roy Rust Largent: 817-807-1982


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Updated 05/06/2015